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Why Thompson & Hiller Criminal Defense Firm is Right for You

When you are facing a DUI charge in Lexington County, South Carolina, the attorney you choose to represent you can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Choosing the right legal representation is not just about finding someone with a law degree; it’s about finding a defender who understands your needs, the local legal system, and how to navigate it effectively. Here, we’ll discuss what makes Thompson and Hiller Criminal Defense Firm the right choice for your DUI defense, emphasizing their qualifications, approach, and dedication.

Understanding the Importance of Legal Representation

DUI charges are complex and require a nuanced understanding of both the law and the science behind blood alcohol levels, field sobriety tests, and more. Furthermore, the penalties for a DUI in South Carolina can be severe and life-altering. As such, choosing a law firm with specialized knowledge in DUI cases is crucial. A top-notch attorney will be well-versed in the latest legal strategies and defense mechanisms to provide a robust defense.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your DUI Attorney

1. Local Experience

Local experience is invaluable. An attorney familiar with Lexington County’s courts, judges, and prosecutors will likely have insights that could prove beneficial to your case. They understand the local legal environment and have relationships that can help navigate your case more smoothly. Thompson and Hiller have been defending clients in Lexington County for years, providing them with a depth of local experience that is difficult to match.

2. Track Record of Success

Look for a firm that has a proven track record of successfully handling DUI cases. Success in previous cases is a good indicator of a firm’s competence and capability in achieving favorable outcomes. Thompson and Hiller proudly display testimonials and case results on their website, showcasing their commitment to client success.

3. Strategic Approach

Every DUI case is unique, and a tailored approach is necessary. A good defense attorney will evaluate the specifics of your case and develop a strategy that best fits your situation. At Thompson and Hiller, they begin with a thorough review of the arrest details, looking for any procedural mistakes or rights violations that could benefit your defense.

4. Availability and Communication

Your attorney should be available to you, responding promptly to your queries and keeping you informed throughout the process. Good communication is essential for building trust and ensuring you are kept abreast of developments in your case. Thompson and Hiller prioritize client communication, ensuring you never feel out of the loop.

5. Professional Credentials and Education

While professional credentials are an essential factor, they must be combined with practical experience. The attorneys at Thompson and Hiller are not only highly educated at respected law schools but also continually update their knowledge through ongoing legal education, focusing specifically on DUI defense innovations and tactics.

Why Thompson and Hiller are the Right Choice for Your DUI Defense

Choosing Thompson and Hiller means opting for a team that is dedicated to DUI defense in Lexington County. They combine legal acumen with a compassionate approach to client service, understanding that facing a DUI charge can be a stressful experience. Their website outlines a comprehensive range of defenses they employ, from challenging the validity of the traffic stop to contesting the accuracy of the BAC test administered.

Their commitment to their clients is clear from the wealth of resources they provide on their website, which includes detailed explanations of legal processes and what clients can expect when facing DUI charges. This educational approach demystifies the legal process and makes it more accessible to clients, which is crucial for building confidence and trust.


Selecting the right legal representation for your DUI case in Lexington County is a decision that holds significant weight. With Thompson and Hiller, you are choosing a firm that not only brings extensive legal knowledge and local experience to the table but also a client-centered approach that values clear communication and personalized legal strategies. Contact Thompson and Hiller Criminal Defense Firm today to discuss your case and discover how their dedicated legal team can help you navigate the challenges ahead with assurance.