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In our ongoing series on domestic violence in South Carolina, we’ve covered various aspects, from legalities to support services. This time, we will delve deeply into the complex intersection of domestic violence allegations, child custody battles, and the crucial role of criminal defense lawyers like Thompson and Hiller.

The Intersection of Domestic Violence Allegations and Child Custody

When domestic violence allegations arise within the context of child custody battles, it presents a challenging landscape for those accused. South Carolina family courts are tasked with ensuring the child’s best interests while addressing the allegations against one parent.

As criminal defense lawyers, Thompson and Hiller are well aware of the profound impact these allegations can have on their clients’ lives. Let’s explore how they navigate these complex situations.

Understanding Child Custody Laws in South Carolina

Before delving into the defense perspective, it’s crucial to understand South Carolina’s child custody laws. The state prioritizes the child’s best interests, considering factors like physical and emotional well-being, parenting skills, and continuity and stability in the child’s life.

From a defense standpoint, this means addressing the court’s concerns while advocating for the accused parent’s rights.

Challenging Domestic Violence Allegations

One of the primary roles of criminal defense lawyers in these cases is to challenge domestic violence allegations effectively. This involves:

Evidence Examination

Criminal defense attorneys meticulously examine the evidence presented against their clients. They assess the credibility of witnesses and the accuracy of any documentation related to the allegations.

Building a Strong Defense

Thompson and Hiller work to build a robust defense strategy. This may include questioning the reliability of the allegations, highlighting inconsistencies in the accuser’s statements, and presenting evidence to counter the claims.

The Court’s Response to Domestic Violence Allegations

South Carolina family courts take domestic violence allegations seriously and have several responses, including protective orders, supervised visitation, and even limiting or terminating parental rights.

As criminal defense lawyers, Thompson and Hiller aim to minimize the adverse impact of these responses on their clients:

Protective Orders and Restraining Orders

When protective orders or restraining orders are issued, defense attorneys may challenge their necessity or work to have the conditions modified to allow for meaningful contact between the accused parent and the child.

Supervised Visitation

In cases where supervised visitation is ordered, defense lawyers may advocate for more reasonable arrangements, ensuring that their client’s rights to a meaningful relationship with their child are upheld.

Custody Determination

Defense lawyers strive to present a comprehensive picture of their client’s character and parenting abilities, emphasizing their commitment to their child’s well-being and rehabilitation where applicable.

Legal Representation is Essential

For those accused of domestic violence in the context of child custody battles, obtaining skilled legal representation is paramount. Thompson and Hiller offer vital support:

Protecting Rights

Criminal defense lawyers protect their clients’ legal rights throughout the process, ensuring they are treated fairly and have the opportunity to present their case effectively.

Navigating Complex Legal Procedures

Thompson and Hiller guide their clients through the complexities of family court procedures, helping them understand their options and make informed decisions.

The Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution

In some cases, parties may explore mediation or alternative dispute resolution as a means of resolving custody issues outside of court. Defense lawyers play a crucial role in these proceedings:

Ensuring Safety

Defense lawyers ensure that any alternative dispute resolution process prioritizes the safety and well-being of their clients and the children involved.

Protecting Rights

Thompson and Hiller work to safeguard their clients’ rights during mediation, ensuring that any agreements reached are fair and in their clients’ best interests.


Navigating child custody battles involving domestic violence allegations in South Carolina is a complex and emotionally charged process, particularly from the defense perspective. Thompson and Hiller are committed to providing the necessary legal support and guidance to individuals accused of domestic violence while safeguarding their rights and preserving their relationships with their children.

By shedding light on the defense side of these critical cases, we aim to inform and empower those facing these challenges while ensuring that their voices are heard in the courtroom